Success Stories

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED “I am very pleased with the help I have received at Wapsi Physical Therapy. I have been impressed with how hard they try to find helpful ways in which to treat my individual health needs. It matters not which one of the staff is providing your therapy, as they are all good. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ RETURNING SATISFACTION “I first saw Sally in 2004 before a trip to Germany. She fixed my shoulder so I could lift my luggage and enjoy my trip. I have since gone back to Sally and her helpful team, for other aches and pains plus 2 knee replacements. Wapsi PT has helped me every step of the way and has kept me moving and active.” – Bev ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ QUICK AND SMOOTH “When I had shoulder surgery I was told Wapsi PT was “the best place to go”, they were right. My arm is doing great and what others have described as a long painful process seemed to go quickly and smoothly with Sally answering all of my questions and guiding me along the way.” – Brett ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING “My Physical Therapist worked really well with me and modified therapy to accommodate my pregnancy” – Kelli ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ FRIENDLY “What I like about Wapsi, is that they are all so friendly to whoever is in” ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ PERSONALIZED ATTENTION “The person attention is great. They help you attain your physical goals. Staff is also very knowledgeable about your condition. ” -Curt ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ STAFF IS AMAZING “I have had injuries that Wapsi PT has worked on, given me exercises to do at home, and ultimately fixed! They have helped me to help myself, strengthen my aging body, and maintain my mobility and health without the use of drugs. Wapsi PT’s staff is amazing!!” – Michelle ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ THANK YOU WAPSI PHYSICAL THERAPY! “Off insulin after 10 year due to your guidance” -Linda